We are committed to meet the expectations of our customers, through our well-designed and established service delivery system, that is sensitive and accommodative to continuous technology up gradation and value analysis. We shall continuously strive to improve the effectiveness of our quality system.

To achieve this goal, our impetus will be towards the following:
Optimum utilization of resources like Man Power, Machinery, Raw Materials etc.
Provision of safe working environment & following all possible safety precaution.
Planning systems for effective implementation in execution.
Excellent Quality with Efficient Service.

We at AGNI give utmost importance to the quality factor . AGNI is better known as an example of quality brand. The company is certified with the ISO 9001 : 2008 quality standards. In any condition, the company do not compromise on quality. By quality we don’t mean just quality product but also adhere to fare dealings & after sales service provided to the clients.

Some Standard Practice at AGNI
AGNI has fully equipped with modern technologies machine set up at RMC batching plant for consistent quality control & assurance.
Calibration & timely checks are carried out on all the tools, equipments, plants & machinery at AGNI to check their validity.
Adequate safety methods are a adopted by AGNI to avoid any accidents on the working site & as well as construction site & provided The fast Aid Kits Always At Construction sites.
For Safety & security of the workers, AGNI is insured with CAR Policy, W.C. Policy To Pay of the compensation to the workers against any accident on the construction Site.


Agni Limited is committed to achieve higher client satisfaction by providing excellent quality in construction and related services including design on turnkey basis and assuring timely completion of projects within the budget.

We organize our works through integrated management system for Safety, Health, Environment, Personnel, Industrial, Relations and Quality Assurance to ensure satisfying relationship with all employees and those who work for us. We will strive to continually improve our performances and simultaneously ensuring no undue adverse effect is caused to anyone. For protection of environment we will follow the principle of prevention of Pollution.

We are committed to comply with all applicable legislation, regulation and other or equipments of environment Health and safety.

We create awareness amongst our employees’ suppliers and interested parties through communication and training.

AGNI believes that through these efforts it is contributing towards economic development of the country.



Mechanical Infrastructure

Infrastructure division of AGNI group can be remembered as the origins of the company. The company over a long period of time has built up huge infrastructure in the form of the modern machinery like Ready mix plant, Concrete batching plant, Hoist, Scaffolding, Hydraulic Compactors Heavy Excavators and all types of construction equipment. The company has also got a strong base of shuttering & scaffolding materials used for the structural works like Towers, High Rise Buildings Infrastructure.

Equipment List

S. No. Name of Equipment Count Unit
1 Concrete Mixture Machine 26 Nos.
2 Weigh Betcher 4 Nos.
3 Lab Instrument Machine 10 Set.
4 Hoist 16 Nos.
5 Pin Vibrator (Electric) 40 Nos.
6 Pin Vibrator (Petro) 15 Nos.
7 Plate Vibrator 5 Nos.
8 Welding Set 6 Nos.
9 Gas Cutter and Plug Cutter 10 Nos.
10 Winch Machine 8 Nos.
11 Leveling Instruments 12 Nos.
12 Therodolite Machine 12 Nos.
13 Vacuum Dewatering F/M 16 Nos.
14 Diesel Generator 18 Nos.
15 Pump Set 12 Nos.
16 Shuttering Plate (Steel) 4.5 Lac Sft..
17 Scaffolding Pipe 3.0 Lac Sft.
18 Wodden Balli 10000 Nos.
19 H. Frame 200 Nos.
20 Earth Compactor 5 Nos.
21 J.C.V. 4 No.
22 Pock Lane (on Hire) 2 Nos.
23 Road Roller (on Hire) 2 Nos.
24 Water Pump 50 Nos.
25 Strength Test Machine 8 Nos.
26 Rebound Hammer 4 Nos.
27 Stone Hand Cutter 18 Nos.
28 Wood Cutter Machine 10 Nos.
29 Pug Machine 5 Nos.
30 Air Compressor 2 Nos.
31 Drill Machine 25 Nos.
32 Hydraulic Jack Hammer 5 Nos.
33 Multi Meter Digital 5 Nos..
34 Vibrator 40 Nos.
35 Vibrator Needle 250 Nos.
36 Trench Compactor (Rammers) 8 Set.
37 Bomag 1-2 T Roller 2 Nos.
38 Toll Kit for Mechanic 10 Nos.
39 Steel Binding Machine 18 Nos.
40 Measuring Tape
5Mtrs. 50 Nos.
15Mtrs. 40 Nos.
30Mtrs. 50 Nos.
50Mtrs. 10 Nos.
100Mtrs. 10 Nos.
41 Fabricated Night Stand for Light 110 Nos.
42 Hilti Machine for Re-baring 5 Nos.
43 Concrete Pump 1 No.
44 Batching Plant – RMC 3 No.
45 Tower Crane 4 Nos.
46 Total Station 2 Nos.